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Eire (Ode to Ireland)

The Death and the Minstrel


Dove riposa il Canto del Vento

The Right Path


Facing your grave


Piedi di Quercia

Nanna's dream


Clouds draw for you
their welcome and their farewell
of endless fields,
broken by white-shaded skies.
And heathens of light
leave their place to the tender rain,
that's soft as the touch of a child;
it flies above the wind,
over the mountains' breath,
to rest upon her meadow bed.

The waves of the sea,
beyond the rocky shores,
talk with the breeze
blowing on the coast.
And mellow the grass
hides the dew and the flowers:
they're kingdom of busy leprechauns.
And majestic plants
look their realms hidden by the haze,
they glow in the fairy dance of elves.

Songs through the roads
are dreamers' melodies:
lost in the mist
of ancient bards they grow.
I wish you could hear
the Irish canticles once again,
as we will be looking to those hills;
I wish you could see faeries flying through the haze,
if ever you share my secret dreams
which breathe in the Irish cloudy fields.

The Death and the Minstrel

He'd fallen asleep in the shadow of a tree,
Lonely She came and spoke to his dreams:
he was a minstrel without regrets,
she was the Angel of Death.
but I had heard of your beauty in a song…
“Who're you, young girl? Ne'er I've seen you before,
but I had heard of your beauty in a song…”
“Minstrel, I am here to take you away,
I am the Angel of Death”.

“Well I am ready and I have no regrets,
just let me sing my last wail:
to a song of mine maybe they will look back,
so that my memory lives after my end”

Without saying a word he followed that girl,
no pain in his mind no fear in his soul,
'cause he knew well that there is no hell
waiting for kind minstrels
And watching the fields he'd just left behind,
taken away by the dance of the Death,
he saw everything had turned into light,
wrapped in the sound of his wail.


Siamo solo prigionieri
ceneri di cavalieri
intrappolati nell'oscurità.
Abbracciata alla tristezza
solo fiato su una lama
ogni tua parola fragile
sfuma e se ne va.

Guardami nell'anima,
cerca dentro la realtà
come muore la mia libertà.
E scivolano dentro me
come fonti limpide
fiumi di ricordi e lacrime,
calde lacrime.

Lasciami scappare, salvami,
spezza queste mie catene,
come polvere nel vento
la mia vita libera.

Dolci aneliti del cuore
Impediscon che i miei sogni
in illusioni vane cadano.
Verdi colli aspettano,
stanco il mio respiro,
ma nel cuore ho solo lacrime,
calde lacrime.

Dove riposa il Canto del Vento

Rovi di spine e foglia crescono dentro me;
nero un fiore germoglia, tempo di lacrime.
Dorme la bruna terra, radici più non ha:
priva di sogni è persa, gelida, l'anima.
Ma dove ha fine il Tempo
morte vagar non può,
e sale un canto eterno,
fino agli Dei del Nord.

Se scruterai i volti degli Alberi,
e ascolterai dei Monti il lamento,
dentro il tuo cuore cerca il mio spirito là,
dove riposa il canto del Vento.

Fili di ragnatele
legano il Fato in me:
si sciolgon come neve
tiepide lacrime.
Ma dove ha fine il Tempo
vive speranza ancor;
respirerà l'Inverno
nei boschi d'arduo Nord.

Se scruterai i volti degli Alberi,
e ascolterai dei Monti il lamento,
dentro il tuo cuore cerca il mio spirito là,
dove riposa il canto del Vento.
E quando i fatui lumi, che brillano a Nord,
senton suonare i flauti d'argento,
muto un sospiro lascia il mio spirito e va,
dove riposa il canto del vento.

The Right Path

It's time to find my way home, I need to leave
here I have no more lessons to learn.
I've got to wake up and go, 'cause I feel
I've been sleeping, oh, for so long.
Will you mind if I roam for a while?
The right path is the hardest to walk.
Many times I was wrong, but I tried
to be sure it was only my fault.

And my mistakes let me know
things otherwise I would not
and, after all, they made me strong:
I fell and rose on my own

I think I've found my way home, it wasn't far
from the places I've gone through before.
When I thought I'd got lost, friendly hands
they just pull me out of the hole.

It's never late to come home,
the right path shines on my road
and, after all, I was not alone,
I couldn't live on my own,
no one should live on his own,
I’ll never be on my own.


Ninth is the knight riding alone
within the rhymes of a song
eight are the blades tearing his soul
far from the heart he belongs

Seven the tears shed for the trees,
fading with their fallen leaves
six are the restless guardians of sleep
they're watching over your dreams.

Five are the lies you'll never say,
if she keeps you in her embrace,
four are the fears you still don't know
for they are hiding like ghosts

Three silent sighs tell us the Night
before the Light comes again
second is Time one is the Death
haunting the reign of the shade

Sweetly the night turned into a silent lullaby
while it dropped into your eyes
twice I got lost through the winding paths of love
one song more before I go.

Facing Your Grave

Wish that I could talk to you
like the whispers of the trees
for I know that you can hear my words
wherever you are.
Never dreamt of any heaven
but I hope there’s one for you
where you won’t shed any tear again
where you want be afraid.
Sometimes Fate is wicked
although we’ve no blame,
it is full of useless fears and pain
but there was no god who cared of my soul
when it stole the life of the one I loved

So I give my tears to the place
where mortal sadness is chained
I have left my heart over here
it is just facing your grave.

Wish that I could be with you
that I hadn’t let you go
but I know the death is but a road
we must walk alone.
never pray the god you trusted,
hope he loves you like I do,
hope he’ll take care of you now that I’m
not with you anymore.
Sometimes there’s no justice,
nothing goes our way,
sometimes life is only a painful cage
but I hope the place where you’re now living in
is better than the one you left

I tried to forget you, I tried to escape
but something of you still remains
and there’s no salvation from the chains
binding my heart to your fate
So I am still standing in the place
where mortal sadness is chained
I have left my heart over there
it is just facing your grave.


Ice in your eyes told the winter to me
your red lips were looking for me
the wind wasn’t afraid of stealing a tear
and caressed your hair like silent strings
As thin as a reed, as fresh as a booklet
dainty as the sun of autumn
everything surrounding you was your frame,
it was witched by the beauty of your face.
But your only tune was the silence
and your thoughts couldn’t get into words
“Come with me and you will be forever
my winter star, my snow flake”

You followed my steps and it was just enough
you smiled and I felt so free
but maybe it was their envy or their fear
the suspect was hurting me inside.
And a windy night took the light
that you gave to my heart far away
in my hands I’d my sword: “Speak now woman,
or I will destroy what you do love!”

“Careless knight, you’d have had me forever,
had I ever hurt you?
Like the rivers’ songs I’d been free but
my only joy was staying with you.
With this words of mine I save your life
but they are the shadow of my farewell too:
let my lips be closed it’s my silent curse,
so that my voice can’t hurt your soul.”

Piedi di Quercia

Notte avvolge ancora i polverosi passi suoi,
brillano le stelle come fate sulla via,
ripido il sentiero si stende innanzi a lui,
gli alberi respirano la sua malinconia
Alba non è ancora dorme il bosco attorno a lui
ma egli non indugia e al suo destino incontro va,
rapido il cammino in luoghi ignoti agli occhi suoi
spinge lungo strade che al tramonto lascerà

E piedi di quercia lo condurranno là,
oltre le montagne che neve vestì,
oltre i verdi prati che rugiada bagnerà,
fino alle argentate sorgenti

Non ha mani di guerriero né v’è odio nel suo cuor
ma cammina sul sentiero che una spada gli darà,
cuor di cervo, occhi di lupo e nella sacca un flauto d’or
né segreto è il suo pensiero ‘ché mentire egli non sa.
Non più libri gli diranno come cantano gli eroi,
non più fiabe narreranno ciò che non ha fatto mai
e se notte sarà ancora e il buio riempirà la via
sarà impavido il suo canto, dolce la sua compagnia.

E piedi di quercia lo condurranno là
ove hanno inizio i regni del nord,
oltre le brughiere che il vento sfiorerà,
fino alle argentate sorgenti.
E cuore di cervo lo porterà da lei,
figlia della stirpe di Tyr Na Nog,
oltre i campi erbosi che il sangue laverà,
fino alla fine del tempo.

Nanna's Dream

Thou the darling
reason of my life and of my joy
your spirit has come back to me
yet I saw the Dark Reaper
ravishing the candid Son of Light
taking him far away from here
Dropping tears are dimming my sight
but now I can see your shining eyes
I've been missing you for such a long time
an immortal sorrow I had inside

"Roaming through
The Hella's ghastly fields
I heard you were silently crying
I'll be with you till
You keep me inside your heart
My Light's rising beyond the Night"

So it is just a dream
just the shadow of the bridegroom that I’ve lost
Fatal Norn, you are so cruel with me.
Sharp the Sword of Fate stole your life
with the greed of sudden claws
which are rending and killing my dreams
Stay with me till the time of the Sunrise
Till the end of this Winter night
Tears are joining the drops of the rain
While my sorrow slowly fades away